100 million users in 3 years

Decentralized Finance sector will acquire 100 million users within the next three years by tapping into the developing world’s market potential.

“Who’s actually going to do peer-to-peer loans? Who’s actually going to do peer-to-peer insurance? Who’s actually gonna do peer-to-peer payments?

DeFi products lack a significant customer base and the field has no chance at gaining traction in the West because of a cumbersome regulatory environment.

On the contrary, developing countries offer a much more flexible regulatory framework which facilitates crypto innovation.


“There’s no JPMorgan Chase. There’s no big massive legacy financial system that dominates and controls”

Ultimately, DeFi can “create liquidity for the poorest people in the world and allow them to build wealth and protect the wealth that they’ve acquired”.








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Charles Wade

Charles Wade

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